According to the accounting law, one of the tasks imposed on the administrator of a company as well as the authorized persons who have been set up is that, starting with the first day of existence, they have the accounting record, whether they have activity or not.
The good news is that we are here for you! Everything you need you will find with us so that you don’t have to worry about it, you will be able to safely carry out the activity you do!

Usual accounting services

  • Registration of primary documents in accordance with the legal norms in force
  • Drawing up the cash register and management report (as the case may be)
  • Analytical and synthetic evidence, clients, suppliers
  • Evidence of fixed assets, calculation of depreciation
  • Stock records
  • Record of bank accounts
  • Drawing up the accounting journal, inventory book, sales journal/sales day book and General Ledger
  • Drawing up the mandatory registers for PFA/PFI/II
  • Elaboration of the monthly balance of verification
  • Drawing up the year-end inventories
  • Drawing up and submitting declarations of fees and taxes required by the legislation in force
  • Drawing up other monthly, quarterly, annual reports
  • Drafting declarations for companies without activity
  • Verification and preparation of the balance sheet certification
  • Consolidating the verification balances for groups of companies and transposing them into the balance sheet

Related accounting services

  • Obtaining the tax certificate
  • Preparation of financial file for leasing, financial and operational, bank credit, European funds
  • Preparing file for rescheduling debts to ANAF
  • Support from us for VAT refund
  • Preparation and certification of liquidation balance and balance sheet
  • Support in the use of the software used in the accounting programme
  • Drafting reports to the National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering according to the law
  • Verifying, preparing and certifying the balance sheet for other legal entities

A full team at your service!

We are a group of accounting experts, tax experts, human resources inspectors, consultants European funds, labor protection inspectors, financial analysts, appraisers, lawyers and liquidators.

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