We have in concept several categories of meditation-courses workshops that are constantly developing:

We have developed a branch of economic-financial education being a practical accounting school called Contabiz4you that we propose to all those who want to be in contact with the economic environment, to understand what the legislative conditions are and even want to practice.

This refers to all the categories of professions that want a business (PFA / II / IF), want to become entrepreneurs (S.R.L.), want to profess as accountants but also in order to gain a deeper experience in the field.

We have in concept several categories of workshops, meditations, courses that are continuously developing:

  • Basic course refers to operations in the territory of Romania
  • Intermediate course refers to intra-community operations
  • Advanced course refers to the analysis of a balance/ balance sheet, the purpose being the diagnosis
    of the company
  • Workshop for PFA/ II/ IF
  • Workshop for completing the Single Declaration
  • Business workshop for entrepreneurs – from an accounting point of view.
    We are open to designing workshops, courses, meditations on certain topics, on request, for
    organized groups.

We organize courses for entrepreneurs!

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