The consulting activity is indispensable in the activity of a company. At every step we need guidance, support, to guide us as best we can in order to obtain the real profit.
It is very important the concept of your company itself, how we can fold, adapt the business idea to the economic and legislative financial environment so that the business is as profitable, efficient as possible!

Simona and Diana are at your service with the following services:

We offer you:
✓ Consultancy for optimum choice within the chosen activity object of the form of organization, taxes and
✓ Support for how to complete the documents in the current activity of the customer SRL/PFA/PFI/II
✓ Support for the conduct of the tax inspection.
✓ Support in providing information related to the economic and financial performance of the company
✓ Support on information about expenses that can be incurred within the company: that are tax deductible, with limited tax deductibility and non-deductible expenses.
✓ Support in completing the Tax return form
✓ Support in verifying the partner you want to close a business with- see the USEFUL section
✓ Support in the creation and use of the Virtual Private Space (SPV) account – see the USEFUL section
✓ Support in the development of entrepreneurship skills – see the COURSES section
✓ Price: 100 lei/consultancy hour

A full team at your service!

We are a group of accounting experts, tax experts, human resources inspectors, consultants European funds, labor protection inspectors, financial analysts, appraisers, lawyers and liquidators.

Programare consultanță